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Information for Tenants

When you have selected a property that you wish to see, as a prospective tenant, you should contact Wallace who will arrange for an accompanied viewing at a date and time suitable to you. If the property is currently occupied it will be necessary to confirm that this arrangement is satisfactory with the existing tenant.

On finding a suitable property for your needs Wallace Lettings will ask you to put down a reservation fee of £120 on the property, this is non refundable so you must be absolutely sure that the property is right for you, however if you continue with the tenancy this £120 will contribute to your first month’s rent.

We will then provide you with a ‘Homelet’ Application Form for each person who is to appear on the Tenancy Agreement (Homelet are the agents we retain to carry out a comprehensive reference and credit search). You must complete this form in full to avoid any delay in moving into your new home.

There will be an application fee (see below) the purpose of which is to cover Wallace’s administrative costs in carrying out the necessary checks and providing the Tenancy Agreement document itself. You must also provide Wallace Lettings with the following;-

  • Two forms of photo identification, such as passport and driving licence;
  • Utility bill showing your current address, ie, gas, electric, or water bill
  • Confirmation of employment
  • Application fee
Current Listings

Once your reference is returned to us as acceptable we will make a date for you to take occupancy of your new home. You will need to come to our office and sign the Tenancy Agreement and the Inventory. All our Tenancy Agreements are Shorthold Assured Tenancies unless otherwise stated. Please take a few minutes to read your Tenancy Agreement because you will be expected to conduct your tenancy in accordance with it.

As soon as you occupy the property you MUST take gas, electric and, where possible, water meter readings. Then telephone the relevant Utility companies to inform them that you are the new customer, you also MUST inform the Council Tax office. Wallace will supply you with the necessary contact numbers. Before seven days has elapsed you must confirm your agreement to the inventory photographs and check-in log of the property by signing those documents. If you do not they will be deemed an accurate record.

Paying Your Rent
Rent MUST be CLEARED funds in our Bank before the rent due date, ie, standing orders/cheques should be paid five working days in advance of the due date. The due date is the date that your Tenancy Agreement begins.

We require all subsequent rent to be paid by Bank Standing Order (details will be given to you when you sign for the Tenancy). Where payment by Bank Standing Order is not possible a Bank/Building Society cheque is preferred.

Staying in the Property
You may NOT vacate the property during the initial first six months’, this is known as the ‘Fixed Term’. However if you are experiencing difficulties during this period please contact us. The ‘Fixed Term’ tenancy will finish at the end of the six months’ but if you wish to stay in the property longer please inform us one month before the end of the six months’. You may then continue with a ‘Periodic’ tenancy (‘month by month’) or secure a further ‘Fixed Term’.

If you wish to vacate you MUST give at least one month’s notice in writing indicating the date on which you will vacate. On the day of vacating you will be expected to leave the property in a clean and habitable condition.

You must have paid the rent in full up to the date of vacation and you will be expected to leave the property by 12 noon,  you also need take all the meter readings and inform your Utility company.

You should return all sets of keys supplied to you, along with any keys you may have had cut, on or before the date in the notice. We would also ask that you supply us with a forwarding address so that your deposit may be returned to you.

Out Inspection and Return of Deposit

Wallace will conduct a ‘Check-out’, where possible on the day you vacate, or within 48 hours of your leaving the property. If the property has not been left in a clean and habitable condition or at least to the standard you accepted on commencing occupation we will engage suitable cleaners/tradesmen to carry out this work and deduct the charges from your deposit. This deposit will be returned to you by The DPS (Deposit Protection Service, go to either in its entirety, or with deductions.

Please note: where the property’s carpets and cooker/oven/hob/extractor are under our specialist cleaning contract from the onset of your tenancy, a standard charge will be deducted from your deposit on vacating.

General matters

  1. If you require copies of any documentation or at any time need us to supply letters etc there is a minimum administration charge of £24
  2. If you must pay by cash there will be an administration charge of £6 on each cash transaction.
  3. If you must pay by cheque there will be an administration charge of £6 per cheque
  4. If for any reason your rent is not paid on time there will be an administration charge of £12
  5. Application fee; £150 plus £60 for each additional applicant.
  6. Deposit; equal to one months’ rent.
  7. Check-in Fee £120 (to include detailed inventory and the protection of your deposit).
  8. Check-out Fee £60
  9. Lost Keys £12 per key
  10. In the event of locking oneself out a deposit of £25 will be required.
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