Welcome to Wallace Lettings and Property Management

Bedfords’ Best Independent and Specialist Letting Agent

Located on Bromham Road, a major road access for Bedford, “Wallace” is an independent specialist Letting Agency and has successfully provided letting services for Landlords and Tenants in the Bedford area since 1994. We also provide management expertise for the day to day maintenance and administration of blocks of flats.

Not being tied to a national organisation gives us the considerable advantage of flexibility and speed of implementation. It also allows us to diversify into “non-resident” Landlord status for those Landlords who live abroad, and who rely heavily on us to provide tenants and to administer their property in this country.

A high level of professional knowledge is required in these activities particularly in the legal and financial areas where, although Letting Agents are not allowed by law to act for a landlord, given our extensive experience we are able to provide guidance and administrative help.

We are known for a high level of assistance that frequently goes beyond the norm and a willingness to prevail where others may not. Further specific details are available in the “Landlord” and “Tenant” sections above which relate to those interests.